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Transform your device with our wallpapers that will mesmerize and captivate you. 📱✨
With Magic Wallpapers, you can easily customize your home screen and lock screen wallpapers to reflect your unique style and personality. ✨🔒
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A fun and surprising application

Massive parody sounds: We have selected a large number of funny and funny sound materials, allowing you to play them anytime you need them, giving your friends a surprise.
Tool for pranks: With just a gentle click, you can play prank sounds, making pranks simple and fun. Play pranks with friends and enjoy happy moments.
Timed and looped playback: We provide you with timed and looped playback functions, allowing parody sounds to continue playing according to your needs, adding more possibilities to pranks.
Please abide by relevant etiquette when using, avoid causing discomfort or distress to others, and use this application in inappropriate situations.

Born specifically for parody and fun

Welcome to the world of crazy sound pranks, which is filled with all kinds of funny and prank sounds to fill your life with laughter and surprises!
Whether you want to create a happy atmosphere at a party or want to play a prank on your friends in daily life, this app can meet your needs.
Realistic sound effects: Use high-quality sound effects to make your pranks more realistic!
Don't let ordinary life constrain you anymore! Spoof sounds make your life full of laughter and surprises, come download and experience it! Remember, be careful when playing pranks and have fun in moderation!

Colorful charging animations

🔋 Cool charging animation
Say goodbye to the monotonous charging interface and add a touch of fun to your phone charging process. Selected charging animations make every charging a visual feast.
💡 Easy to set up, showcasing individuality Adapted to various phone models, easily replaceable, one click operation, keeping your phone interface fresh at any time.
💖 Continuously updated and exciting We regularly update our animation library to bring you more exciting content. Follow us and don't miss any popular animation.

Your beloved pet also has a voice

The voice of your pet can be heard with just one word!
Does your cat or dog often make various noises that keep you guessing their little thoughts? Now, with our app, there will no longer be any barriers to communication between you and your pet!
🐾Cat and dog voice library, comprehensive coverage We have included a rich voice library of cats and dogs, covering a variety of emotions and scenarios. Whether it's the sounds of cheerful play, coquettish meows, or even angry growls, you can find them all here. Simply select and have an easy conversation with your pet
Come download and experience it now, and let your pet’s voice be heard with just one word!

The voice changer in your pocket

🎙️ Recording voice changes, do as you please
Just record your voice and we can convert it into various effects. From funny robot sounds, mysterious demon sounds, sweet loli sounds, deep uncle sounds, and even simulated alien sounds, make your voice expression more diverse and colorful.

🎉 Widely applicable scenarios
Whether it's pranks between friends, fun moments in live streaming interactions, professional voice acting, or audiobook recording, we can be your trusted assistant, making voice a unique way for you to express your personality.